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We are Clinton County’s premier commercial real estate brokerage.


Fesette Commercial has been successfully representing buyers, sellers and investors since 1991. Led by a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Fesette Commercial is the area’s leader in commercial real estate and uniquely qualified to broker all types of real estate transactions. Knowledge, professionalism and continued training make us the most skilled real estate specialists in the North Country.


We know the North Country market. We have access to a vast network of experts, contacts and local knowledge, and track more on-market and off-market inventory than any other commercial real estate firm in the region. If you contract with Fesette Commercial to guide you in your search, we will work to determine your needs and identify the strongest potential solutions. Then, we will negotiate the best deal on your behalf.


When it’s time to sell, Fesette Commercial will give you a clear perspective on the value of your property and determine your position in the market. Our experts will conduct a property evaluation, including: trend reports, quick stat reports, rent analysis, comps of the latest sales, pending and on-market comps, exchange analysis, and ROI analysis. Once we have established the market value, our team will work to maximize your return with a well-planned regional and/or national marketing campaign.


In today’s complex and constantly changing real estate market, Fesette Commercial is the right resource to give you the support you need to make wise and educated decisions. Achieving the most favorable returns requires sound investment strategies, thorough underwriting, accurate valuation analysis, tactical marketing, and perceptive market evaluation. We understand these nuances and the risks and work to maximize profits and long term value in any property. In providing these services, Fesette Commercial will work with you to recognize shifts in the market, and be ready to sell when assets are fully valued.